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What people say about me?

Lea brought an incredible light to our team. She has the unique ability to rally team members around her, getting everyone involved and collaborating as a unit. Lea would be a tremendous addition to any team. She is dedicated, passionate, skilled and she works well with others. I miss her daily. Good luck Lea! You are a gem.

Digital Product Manager


Lea is a tremendous UX/UI designer and would be a huge asset to any organization. Her ability to see through the problem and provide solutions that are logical for any end user to understand is outstanding. Lea brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to anything she is working on because she cares about the overall experience of the user. She is a pleasure to work with and any organization would be lucky to have her on the team.


Product Manager

Lea was a strong pillar of our team at WestJet. Lea was responsible for designing enhancements for our booking channel, one of our most important products, and her portfolio also included projects with our AI chatbot (Juliet) and supporting communications and culture across our department. Lea can shine regardless of any circumstance. Her passion and positivity allow her to overcome any challenge thrown at her. She is receptive to feedback and strives for personal learning and growth. Her creativity and design sense are her strongest assets. Other notable strengths include her ability to quickly complete tasks and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team. I am proud to have worked with Lea and would not hesitate to hire her again.


Team Lead UX/UI Design

Lea will take your idea and turn it into a beautifully considered reality. She understands how to simplify information and make things easy for your customers. Her insight, talent and skill will make your product better. She speaks many languages and sees the world with a decidedly international lens. She's optimistic in her outlook and approach, so combined with a critical eye, she makes for a valuable coworker (and friend!).


Copy Strategist

Lea is a very talented designer, she can create stunning designs and communicate them well to both clients and developers. Lea and I developed a design system for Android and iOS that improved the productivity of the development team. In addition to being a good designer, Lea brings a positive and cheerful attitude to work everyday. If given the chance, I would work with Lea again in a second.

Lead Mobile Application Developer


Highly talented and professional figure, with a lot of patients, curiosity, detailed orientation, and creativity. I had a real pleasure to work with her on Lagoon’s platform from scratch, and the results are above expectations. Lea, you are an awesome asset! And I’m sure that you will shine and contribute.


Co-Founder & CPO at Lagoon


Snr. UX/UI Designer • Feb 2021 - Today

UX/UI Designer • Jan 2019 - Mar 2020 | Sep 2020 - Feb 2021

Snr. Senior UX/UI Designer • May 2020 - Sep 2020

Lead Digital Designer • Dec 2017 - Mar 2018

Graphic Designer • Jan 2014 - Jun 2017

Graphic Designer • Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

Digital Designer • Jun 2017 - Dec 2017

UX/UI Designer • May 2018 - Jan 2019

Skills and expertise

Software (Design and Engineering)

Adobe Creative Suite


Storie Telling
Design Sprint
User flow Diagram
Product Design
User Research
Time management

I am a highly motivated individual which has had supers mentorships and grained from every opportunity that I have taken on. In my experience, I have learned the importance of a "team" and the value of having a good leader. I believe the blending of my artistic talents, computer knowledge, and positive attitude makes me an important asset to any company looking for creative design.


Having to move to Israel at the age of 13, with my family, I was faced with many challenges.

Besides French being my native language, I had to perfect 2 new languages, Hebrew and English to fit in my new environment. I pleasantly discovered that I take well to challenges and pressure and in fact, these elements fuel my energy to succeed, within 6 months I was comfortable communicating in both languages.

I further honed my interpersonal skills by getting involved in community work. In 2018, I assembled a diverse team of energetic people who were willing to sacrifice for the underprivileged and founded Ben Porath Yossef (BPY), an Israeli extension of the youth non-profit organization from Paris, working to help disadvantaged youth to find more opportunities in life. It did not take very long until we collected enough money to bring together a few hundred children in charity events in different parts of the country. I also had a chance to extend my niche for problem-solving.

I truly love what I do and do it with passion! Always happy to master new skills!

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you are enjoying it! :)

I am a designer who loves to tell a good story.

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