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Hi There!    I am Lea, a    passionate Product Designer  who enjoys creating great experiences for users humans  

ATCO Group

Check out the range of ATCO projects I've been working on.

From testing to designing systems and team collaboration, the selected project will demonstrate my skills and knowledge.


Creating a more user-friendly Responsive Booking Flow and giving WestJet Gold and Premium members the option to upgrade their cabin 48 hours before departure.

Lagoon - 'DaaS' Dashboard

A 2-month Hack-a-thon Design. Uncovered the blind spots in our flow and enrich it with new recommendations and drove the development and communication of clear design guidelines, patterns, libraries, and assets.

McCann - Climate FieldView

Design of an interactive, responsive, and accessible virtual tour for 'Climate Fieldview' a digital farming’s leading software platform that turns your field data into insights.

Motion Designs

Assisting clients across a variety of industries in creating motion designs.


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The Leaders Agency is an Influencer Marketing Agency located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I designed a client dashboard that allows them to review their analytics.

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