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Confidential Projects

Access to those projects is restricted to a password on request, due to the sensitive nature of the projects and data protection.

To obtain a password, please contact me.


Reading time: 5 min

Product Design
User Experience

Responsive Booking Flow

Improvements to WestJet's Responsive Booking Flow (RBF) to increase revenue and customer experience.

Reading time: 2 min, 40 sec

Product Design
User Experience


A 2-months Hack-a-thon design. Uncovered the blind spots in our flow and enrich it with new recommendations and drove the development and communication of clear design guidelines, patterns, libraries, and assets.

Reading time: 2 min, 50 sec

Product Design
User Experience

Early Upgrade

Give WestJet Gold and Premium members the opportunity to upgrade their cabin 48 hours before their scheduled flight instead of 24 hours for a better fee.

Reading time: 1 min

Product Design
User Experience

Climate FieldView

Creation of both mobile and desktop Accessible 3D Virtual Tours.



Hi there! I am currently a UX/UI Designer at ATCO Group located in Calgary, Canada. 

I have over 9 years of experience as a designer and seven (7) in the digital world.

With a focus on this discipline, I majored and completed my "Art Direction" diploma at "Habetsefer" in Tel Aviv and my "UX-UI Diploma" in the "HackerU" school in Ramat Gan, Israel.


I have been learning and training in various industry-standard software since I was a teenager. I have taken additional classes and continue to stay up to date on the latest best practices and trends as they pertain to UX/UI.

If you would like to discuss a project, Let's get in touch ✌️
(+1) 780 777 4409

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Lea Elkaim

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Hi, I am Lea

A passionate product designer who has a user-centered approach to design which follows a thorough understanding of both user and business goals. 

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